About Us



Mr Dan1els Inc.


Mr Dan1els Inc is a black owned lifestyle brand. Founded by Stacey Daniels Jr a former international professional basketball player turned educational entrepreneur. His passion for fashion and quality helped develop this brand. Standing at six feet eight inches tall finding shoes and clothes that fit his body and level of style proved difficult for him to enjoy life the way he wanted to so he sought to create a change that would benefit him and men of his tall stature.


Mr. Dan1els Inc. started off with custom hand made fedora hats. His passion for fashionable looking hats that suited his height were few and far between. After a six month course at Fashion Institute of New York Stacey Daniels learned to make his own hats. His vision grew over his time at FIT as he moved into designing shoes. After partnering with an Italian handmade shoe company Mr. Dan1els Bespoke Shoes was birthed.  Countless hours of creating one of a kind shoe designs we are finally in a position to bring our shoes to market. 


Mr. Dan1els Cigars is a product of family legacy and the growing passion for creating lifestyle products that transcend for all time. Our torpedo cigars are suitable for the beginner smoker to the seasoned smoker. Bold full body cigars to like airy cigars for a first time smoker. We are working to evolve with the industry.





Stay tuned for how we continue to grow this brand to suit lifestyles everywhere.